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Prof. Rocco di Stefano. Department of Enology, University of Palermo (Italy) As studied by Usseglio-Tomasset, the precipitation of tartaric salts (KHT and CaT) in bottled wine always represents a problem for the enological industry. To resolve this matter, the proposed technical methods consist of removing a portion of the salts in the wine until the desired concentration is obtained; even if inside the oversaturation range, it ensures, toghether with the presence of colloidal substances, the stability of the wine during its shelf life. Considering the variability induced from the evolution of the structure and the content of protective colloids, the methods of obtaining and verifying the tartaric stability do not always work out as expected. A software, like Mextar® 2.0 en, that takes into account the composition of the wine as well as the equilibrium of tartaric salts in solution and the experience and the requirements of the winemaker; that, throuygh simulations, can verify which are the more suitable conditions for the stability; all of the above represent progress and a real possibility of solving the problem. The possibility to preview the PH of the wine after FML and the operations of acidification and deacidification represent additional features of this software.


Mextar® 2.0.en will help you to answer recurring questions such as: • is a wine at risk for tartaric precipitations (potassium bitartrate and/or calcium tartrate)? • what will be the impact on total acidity and pH after tartrate stabilization? And after malolactic fermentation? • how much acid should be added to achieve a targeted pH or total acidity? • what will be the change in buffer capacity? Mextar® 2.0.en is a Decision Support System (DSS) that provides the basis for important winemaking choices. As it utilizes actual measured wine parameters, it is not merely a computer science application. Thus you will feel confident in making correct decisions for various treatment operations in the winery. Mextar® 2.0.en uses typical analytical data: density, alcohol content, pH, total acidity, tartaric acid, K+, Ca++ (relative to calcium tartrate precipitation) to give practical indications in innovative ways for tartaric stability, control of chemical-physical state of wines and of buffer capacity. Moreover, acidification/deacidification operations can be simulated as well as chemical changes resulting from malolactic fermentation. Mextar® 2.0.en is a professional software, conceived by enologists, for specific winemaking applications. Potential users are winemakers, assistant winemakers, enologists, enological consultants and laboratories, wine cellar technicians, bottling facilities…
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